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December 22, 2020by Stephany Ramos

Millions of people across the globe play fantasy sports and admit that their experience is highly rewarding. Fantasy sports involve online prediction and points are awarded using statistical analysis. It encompasses a number of games that allow individuals to play a virtual game or virtual season. The fans may act as either the field manager or general manager of the team.


What are fantasy sports games?

Fantasy sports are online games where points are awarded based on the specific player’s contribution in a real game. Collecting data is a key skill fantasy sport players need to gain mastery. Data allows you to determine who to add to your squad and who to release from your squad.

Data analysis is also critical to improving performance. Data is essential to understand when to conduct transfers. Data allows you to have a strong team, make changes to your roster, and choose the right captain and vice-captain.


Is fantasy sports a game of skill?

The basis of competition between teams is the statistical performance of the players in the actual game. Figures relating to performance are converted to reveal relevant points. These points are added up according to a roster available with the fantasy team’s manager.

The winner of fantasy sports is determined by the statistics recorded by players over a game, tournament or season. These statistics may be related to various aspects of the game. For example in cricket, it could about runs, wickets, strike rate, hundered, etc. per innings or per game. Fantasy sports apps share data over the Internet with users to ensure fair play.

Fantasy users take decisions for their team by relying on their passive knowledge and converting them into decisions. Depending on the decision, the game play may have various consequences as fantasy user acts as an active participant.

Further, even though you may have missed less important matches in the past, you are not likely to miss any of the fantasy sport matches when even one or two players are playing the match.

In a nutshell, fantasy sport is a game of skill rather than a game of chance. The law declares fantasy sports in India as legal, although certain Indian states do not allow a legal status for fantasy sports


What are the most popular fantasy sports in India and across the globe?

Fantasy football and fantasy cricket are the two most popular fantasy sports in India. Fantasy football has a long statistical record as well as detailed and accessible scorecards. Fantasy cricket is relatively new but is the fastest growing of all in the fantasy sports realm.

In 2018-2019, the fantasy sports market in India churned INR 15,000 Crores, about $15 billion. According to the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association, 20 million people are playing fantasy games across India and the figure is estimated to reach 150 million by 2022.

In the United States, fantasy football and fantasy baseball are the two most popular fantasy sports. Fantasy baseball is based on certain principles and works based on accessible scorecards. It utilizes a long statistical record. Fantasy baseball was developed from rotisserie and data sharing is carried out over the Internet.

Online fantasy baseball is based on managing statistics for small rotisserie leagues. In large-scale leagues, the same player may be part of multiple teams. Baseball data is analyzed using sabermetrics. The purpose is to measure player performance using objective statistical measurements.


Why is fantasy sports so popular?

Online fantasy sports depend on real-time sports and sports fans seek to get involved.  Fantasy sports drive the creation of multiple sports enthusiasts who can engage in a variety of sports. Online fantasy sports is an emerging industry with majority fantasy sports users relying on “pay-to-play” format.

Fantasy sports tend to make you feel happy as you are no longer frustrated about losing. Besides, you play with a large number of players around the world and healthy competition exists. It also allows players to socialize and share the experiences. Fantasy sports can become your active hobby which also makes you happier.

Fantasy sports helps build strong relationships between players who may be teachers, colleagues, friends, family, and co-workers. It also promotes a sense of autonomy among players and brings about a sense of well-being among players.

Finally, you get the bragging right to be able to compete and overcome your league rivals who may be among your colleagues, friends, and family. You get to interact with your close contacts, which makes the game an interesting experience.


The opportunity

The trends for fantasy gaming are far-fetched, suggesting great scope for the fantasy sports market in the coming future. Also, cricket is fast emerging as one of the most popular sport globally, enticing big brands, celebrities and collaborations.


Exponential growth in fantasy sports app users have opened endless opportunities.

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