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You love playing poker online, love to win in the game, but are you 100% updated on what all it takes to build an online poker room? This article will guide you through it all – about poker game development. For making an online poker game, selection of the technology that will be involved in the development is crucial. The companies have to use the latest technology, since it is crucial for the business to succeed. Red flags for you is to avoid the companies that use older technology, as they can not provide a good solution for your business, they are simply outdated.

Now, what exactly is a poker game development company?

A poker game development company is a business that employs multiple role-playing developers, who work together to create high-quality poker software. The choice of technology used depends on the size of the game, and the platform it will be launching on. A game designer creates the design for the game. An animator makes the graphics and animation in the game. UI developers work on the user interface of a product, and back-end developers work on the core functionality. Besides the database administrator, other resources are also critical. These include game testers and server administrators.

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Advanced game development

Poker software developers use ActionScript and Flash Media Server to host games on a server. Online games need to be small-scale due to the costs of running the environment, and it was hard to program a multiplayer game. Aside from being expensive and complex, if your company plans on housing the Flash Media Server (FMS) in their own servers, the price and intricacy of the system goes up exponentially. Additionally, Red5 and BlazeDS are free technologies that can be utilized. The main issue with this stack is that it is hard to find development companies, and exceptionally difficult to implement in a modern hosting environment.

When developing a poker game, there are currently two options for back end setup: SmartFox Server and NodeJS. While NodeJS is more affordable, there is no support community for it. Flash is no longer widely used, and SmartFox and red5 both work with it. If you have a high traffic volume, this server is not as productive as other options. The total investment in this is very large, and we at GamioTech don’t think it’s a good option for a real-time multiplayer game. Only use this for games that have turn-based gameplay.

Socket-io and NodeJs are totally free, open-source software. Not the most organized, but there are plenty of communities online to find a development company for help. The library is powerful and easy to utilize.

Node.js and other code

Node.js is a technology used for back end server management. It can connect different APIs together to make a client application, and can also be used to initiate the server itself. Node.js offers a full stack solution, providing the server and client front-end code. It can be utilized to handle backend user management, reporting functionality, and even financial transactions. Using the Native technology, your game can be developed using the basic poker development tools for both Android and iOS. This is time-consuming and expensive, and you would have to put in extra effort if updates are needed. HTML 5 offers sockets and APIs, which can be used on browser based devices. The great thing about HTML 5 is that many mobile browsers support it, whereas if you were planning on getting your app on stores, it doesn’t help. Unity3D is a game engine that can do all three very well, so we would recommend using this hybrid approach. Only code has to be written once, and the game can be played on iOS, Android, and in a web browser (using WebGL). A smart company that creates online poker games has to use a combination of technologies. Unity, combined with PWA can be a good choice.

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The combination can give the game app clients, as well as an app icon shortcut on mobile browsers.

The poker script and game solution is made with Unity 3D, Socket-io, and Node. The poker game developer tries to keep costs down, while still providing high quality. The client can request a PWA build, according to this paper.

We at GamioTech can tell you about all the technology involved in the poker game, and can help you decide what is best for you. Contact us for any more help. We would love to be your companion.

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