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Online poker trends

Online poker games have become a huge trend in recent months, and thousands of people all around the world play them on a regular basis. As the poker industry grows the demand for poker software grows as well! There are many poker software solutions available in the market, but since it’s a poker game for real money players want the best apps and newest versions with great features and user interfaces. Without any second thought, we know that the online poker industry is multiplying.

Here are some details about the online poker industry that you should be aware of:

  • The market size of online poker games is around 58,960 million USD as of 2019.
  • The market is expected to reach 92,860 million dollars by 2023, at a growth rate of 12%.

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How many different types of games you can buy with poker software?

There are many different types of online poker games for real money. Here is a list of some of the most popular basic and traditional games:

Texas Hold’em

The most traditional and well known game for most players


Is another game that can be played with different betting limits: no limit, pot limit, and limit. The minimal rules for playing Omaha are also included in the game solutions. The original version of the game usually has 3 card stud games available.

Omaha Hi-Lo

This is a variation of the Omaha game and is very popular. In this version of the game, the pot is split between the high and low hands if there are fewer cards making up a lower combination.

Sit and Go

The Sit and Go tournament format is one of the most popular tournament formats. To give an example for you to understand it better – for a Sit and Go game, you need at least 200 players’ registration (or minimum as kept by the admin/marketer/promoter) requires to be logged on at the same time for the tournament to start, the tournament does not start until the kept number of players are not logged in.


Satellites are mini-games where players can win tickets to bigger poker game tournaments/games. Sometimes satellites are free to enter, and other times they require a buy-in. Tournaments featuring this game have multiple levels of buy-ins, and the top N number of players get tournament tickets.

Omaha variations

There are nine variations of Omaha, including 8 Card Omaha, which uses only two cards per combination.

Mix table

Mix table is a game that allows the poker game type to change each round, and the games can even be replaced. For example, Omaha PL played two Hold ’em games NL. The game can be played for 10 rounds.

Rebuy tournament

In a rebuy tournament, players are allowed to buy more chips if they run out. The house guarantees a certain number of players, and the prizes are given out regardless of how many people enter the tournament.

Bounty tournament

A Bounty Tournament is a poker tournament where players can earn a bonus for each player they knock out. Even if a player loses money at the poker table, they can still earn a bonus for kicking other players out of the tournament.

Freeroll tournament

Players can buy in again for a certain amount of time in freeroll rebuy games. In the online poker game variant, players can enter for free, and then buy back in.

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There are additional features that you have to consider when you buy poker software:

A good feature for a poker lobby is to be able to place a minimum of 2 banners keeping the user interface in mind, keeping the promotional activities in mind as from the lobby only players will get the information about the promotions that the room is running for the players. The online poker software solutions provider can use this feature to personalize their lobby with a specific table image and banner, an exclusive feature only available to the agent/admin. Some of the features of a poker table are that it has a felt top, steel frames, and many more. The steel frames are usually black in color and give the table a strong base.

A good poker table should be able to withstand heavy use over long periods of time. Checking these features before buying poker software is important.:


One of the very useful features is that gives users extra time if they have fewer/none chips left or are offline

Auto reload

Auto-chips reloading: a ring table that will automatically save your game whenever your chip stack gets low.

Hand advisor

This feature shows the players all the cards that have been played in a hand, as well as all the cards still remaining in the deck. This is helpful for deciding what to do next during a hand, but not necessary for understanding the entire situation.

Hide cards

The players can choose the hidden card or show-card feature also called show their cards or muck them using the online poker solutions.

Hand replayer

The hand-replayer feature can be used to watch any hand that was played on the table, and the player can stop, play, and check other hands with micro-icons.

All-in confirmation:

This feature adds an extra step to the all-in move, allowing the player to confirm their choice.

Hand strength feature

players can see the current strength of the hand, which is helpful when multi-tabling.


Multiple-tabling feature – on the Windows app, players can play more than ten tournaments at once, and on android apps (instant play or original) they can play 4-6 tables at once.

How to make make a good money with poker?

The best online poker investment that someone can make is to buy poker game software and gain a strong position in the online poker industry. Here are some of the benefits that this purchase would bring:

The Indian gaming industry has seen a rise in popularity due to the proliferation of games on smartphones, as well as online poker games. In the last decade, the scene category and smartphone games became popular in India, increasing the number of poker players in the market. Some of the most famous games, like Candy Crush and Subway Surfers, are played on smartphones, while Dota 2 and other CS-like games are favored by super gamers.

Poker App Developer

As more and more people use smartphones, the mobile gaming market remains strong. Customers who are getting older are also drawn to online poker games, which bring in a lot of revenue for app development and publishing companies. Higher cost and time are involved in obtaining a casino or online poker game license in India, which is why real money gaming is not more accessible.

The population that used to play Pac-Man and Super Mario as kids are now more inclined to play online games for real money, due to the lower cost of setting up the necessary infrastructure. Online poker games and casino games are accessible for players of all ages from all over the world, and can be played anytime, anywhere. Games that are played online have a bigger audience base, and can be very time-consuming and expensive. Online poker game rooms can handle more players than brick and mortar casinos. This helps them make more money, and is a good thing for the companies that provide online poker software. Physical or offline games and sports have limitations because they are physical and they need one location for players to come to and then begin the game. In the digital world, Bitcoin poker script, and other digital solutions, don’t have those limitations because they are digital – players are just a click away from playing their favorite games. Instead, they can be scaled faster because of their dependence on digital platforms. If you buy poker game software, or sell bitcoin poker script, you can establish an online poker solution for your target audience.

These features and services that your online site needs depend on what your audience requires, and what solution you are trying to establish. When you are going to purchase poker game software, you will have to consider what features the program has, and understand the benefits of buying it. Contact our game experts at GamioTech to understand and know more about the online gaming industry or if you need any help.

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