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We are surrounded with technology around us, it is involved in every aspect of our lives these days, and we cannot deny the fact that from the online gaming area, the game of poker is not excluded, rather it is one of the most popular card games in the world today. In this era of evolution in technology, video poker is a necessity. Through its progression of technology, online poker has taken on many changes. Players can play multiplayer games from their bedroom, which was never possible before.

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Every online poker club wants to connect with their players socially or at gatherings. Even the players themselves want to know who they are playing against. To answer and solve all these we have – Video poker, a version of poker that can be played in real time with opponents at your table doing video streaming. This gives the feel of a real casino game, which is what players are looking for now.

The poker evolution has evolved in many ways, both visually and functionally. We are going to break this up into two sections. The first is what all games are incorporating into their games, and the second is what is unique to specific games. Video poker is the modern version of the game of poker. Some players enjoy playing games with their friends, and video streaming while they play. This is not recommended for gamblers, as the analysis shows that they like to be more secretive. In regular casinos, you can only play on the table you are assigned to. This technology is being used more and more in legal online casinos. You can play multiple games at the same time on your video poker machine. Players can play as many hands as they like, focus on winning, and earn better hands by investing more in the game.

Only one table is allowed with your presence at a time. Online video poker makes it easy to play different games, according to your mood and preference, all in one page. A physical casino has only one table for each player to sit at, so coming up with new game ideas was difficult. A tournament is an event where players compete for the largest prizes, biggest jackpots. Players try to have the most fun possible, as well.

Before, casinos had to use third party tools, or keep manual registers of their tournaments in order to schedule them. Video poker games have made it so easy to schedule tournaments; casino owners can view previous games, hands played, and more using the online video poker game.

Scientists are working to improve shuffling methods for card games, such as P2P Suffling. This would be a huge benefit to the game. Card shuffling can be done using an algorithm that works in a similar way to blockchain. The cards are shuffled on a non-centralized structure, making it impossible to manipulate them. P2P card shuffling uses this algorithm. Although it is in high demand, due to the costs involved it is not being used everywhere yet.

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Hopefully in the near future the cost will be lower, and it will be more available. Some poker games are available as apps on your phone or other devices, and can be played live. The players can see the tables and dealers via video streaming, and can even bet and play the game directly through the app. This version of poker is not as popular because of the high initial investment required. Video poker works the same as other poker games. A player can do everything from filtering games, selecting tables, buying chips, all the way up to winning video poker.

In the near future, this video poker game hopes to increase its market share in the industry. In regular online poker apps, you can see images of your avatars. In video poker games, you can see your face, and all the other players’ faces, on the screen. To be able to talk to each other, you need a video streaming service.

Intriguing right? Of course it is!

For streaming, using a third-party video API is a good option. There are many providers, and they charge per minute. If you purchase a large amount of minutes, it will be much less expensive. Another option is to create your own streaming server using a powerful server, like a Mac Pro. While this option requires different hardware and software, it is good for casino owners to focus on revenue-generating activities like game marketing. GamioTech is great at video streaming and has excellent expertise. This option will also increase the cost of your software.
The GamioTech team uses different third-party APIs to accomplish this feat. Our team always creates a Proof of Concept for all new additions to the software. We prioritize innovation at GamioTech, and if you want your Video Poker to run, we recommend you use our company. Helping online casino owners become successful is what we do best. Let’s schedule a free consultation to discuss your new ideas for the poker industry.

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    Copyright 2022.  Gamio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.