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With the growing demand in the poker market, poker software development companies are increasing in number. The code within the poker software for sale is open and can be sold to anyone who wants to buy it. Only a few companies provide thorough documentation and training sessions to their clients when selling poker software. This is the best option for companies with bigger budgets. If you are high on budgets and want to buy the best poker software, connect with us at GamioTech. You can reach out to us through our 24×7 available chat or email.

GamioTech has poker software for sale!

Now, let’s get into some facts and numbers! Approximately 110 million people play poker online regularly all around the world. This number does not include casual players. Poker is the most played casino game for many reasons, and here at GamioTech our poker software for sale service can help you capture this ever-growing market. The game of poker is ruling the gaming industry more and more each day, and as a result, online poker rooms are popping up all over the internet. At GamioTech, our poker development solution services can help you achieve your business and marketing goals.

You might wonder, how do online poker rooms make money and become a profitable business? We will explain it to you!

  • Here at GamioTech, we offer everything from turnkey poker rooms to custom-made poker software. If you can get 200 new players every month, and keep 80% of them, then you will be making a lot of profit. In the first month, if each player gives you a profit of 50 dollars, even then you will earn 10,000 USD.
  • The next month, with 80% more players than the previous month, and an additional 200 players. The total profit generated would be 18,000 USD. In the third month, 24,400 USD would be generated.

At GamiotTech, our poker software solution services offer original games with modern improvements, and the number of games is growing each month. This growth is fast. The game engine supports many players at once, and the real-time scaling architecture allows the game to expand and shrink in real-time.

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Our poker features

The poker back office has a fully featured admin panel, including user/table/payment management and Military Grade encryption for secure information. Each client connects to the server via SSL encrypted connection. Our poker software has an open source code, and can be customized to include the clients’ original graphics, or can be changed to a new theme. The client can choose to use their own graphics, or our team can design a new theme for them. For only $4000, we will provide a dedicated poker developer to support the servers who will be at your service 24/7.

We will also work with you as your technical partner to set up the servers and transfer the software.

The online poker game software offers many features:

  • Game features include private tables, VIP tables, and Sit n Go tables.
  • Options to be on a waiting list, auto-rebuys, and gift/drink tables are available at poker tables.
  • One-on-one gameplay feature.
  • A scoreboard is also included.
  • The game has a leveling system, and also offers achievements to be earned.
  • The game has daily bonus and time bonus bonuses, and you can play with friends.
  • Clubs and users can chat with their dealers at the casino.
  • The Echo has unique sound effects and a designed interface.
  • It also offers social features, such as sharing via social media or email and inviting friends to use the device.
  • The architecture of the server can be flexible.

Here are some features of the server:

  • Amazon Web Services offers multiple servers.
  • The game logic is protected by a socket system.
  • Game logging is supported by large numbers. Game logging is supported by large numbers.
  • Bots that use AI to detect IP addresses.
  • The admin panel allows the user to manage users, and table management.
  • The user statistics and content management features are available on the original Word Press site.
  • The casino can set management settings for all the casinos in the same app.
  • There are also poker room settings that the casino can configure. Settings for Sit n go tournaments include jackpots.
  • The store provides financial information for management and statistics about the business.
  • Notifications from Facebook and emails can be streamed.
  • News, promotions, and chat announcements can also be streamed.
  • The link management tool enables users to add and remove links from their content.
  • The bad words tool allows users to add words to a blacklist so that they are not used in the content.

At GamioTech, our poker app development solution is a complete package for setting up your online casino business. Within a short time, our system settings management solution can get your business up and running. This solution includes all features and settings needed to run your online poker software. One thing is assured among the rest, you will get the best deal on purchasing our custom poker software. It is normal to have questions about the poker software and anything that has to do with your business, don’t worry! We are here to help you with all your queries and questions.

Talk to our representatives about all your questions and how to get started with the poker software within a week.

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Here’s something that you must know when it comes to buying poker software!

To purchase a ready poker script, one must contact a company that produces scripts, try the script for 5 days, and pay either in Bitcoin or via bank transfer. Using our REST API documentation, it is easy to connect your online poker game to your online casino website. You can even install the code on your private server to run the poker game as a separate brand. There are two ways we can set up the game.

  • Whitelabel setup – In this setup, everything would be on our server, but you would brand it as your own. Management of the whole system can be managed by the admin, after the branding (logo, emails, certificates, etc) is replaced and lives on the domain.
  • Now, the most important question! Is there any poker software for sale that accepts Bitcoin?
  • At GamioTech, our poker site works with over 50 different cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, other ERC20 tokens, and more. Our wallet system allows players to make instant deposits to the table and also take withdrawals instantly with one click. We are proud of that feature.

We at GamioTech, provide the best poker software for sale if you want to use real money in your game. The poker software supports Bitcoin, social money, real cash, and even other third-party payment systems using the balance API. The dashboard gives views on each transaction, such as insight into how many bitcoins were involved, the transaction ID, and more. There are several ways that a player can deposit money to their account: using their Visa or Mastercard in their local currency, or by having their bank account withdrawn if they are KYC verified. USSD payments and third-party balance providers (such as Balance Update API) are also an option, but with some limitations on the Admin dashboard.

Poker software for sale costs anywhere from 5000 USD to 25,000 USD, depending on which company you are purchasing from. The Whitelabel setup is more affordable than buying the source code and includes a more acceptable setup fee, with monthly profit sharing.

For a business as big as an online poker site, there are many costs. Hosting, maintenance, and third-party services all have monthly fees. To run an online business like a poker site, there must be a cap on the maximum monthly fee for players.

You must think, can I use poker software for sale for my online poker business?

A ready-made poker script can help save time and money, and add more stability to your website. Even for new development, a pre-existing script can save on energy used for the main gameplay. Only use a custom development process if you are trying to make something unique or innovative.

To find the best poker software, put the keyword “poker software” in Google search and look at some of the top companies. Do not only look at the first 10 links, look at the next 20-30 links as well. When buying poker software, consider the price and features. Choose a modern technology with minimal third-party connections. Purchase from a company that you feel good vibes from, for your soul.

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Question of the hour! Is poker software for sale a good idea?

Poker has proven rules that don’t change depending on the time. The game is 100% worth it because it saves years of time and money, not having to reinvent the wheel. The RNG algorithm is a mathematical process that works behind the card shuffling code on modern poker software. It is easy to find and features all the required elements. Pseudo RNG is used in online poker software to generate random numbers. The numbers are generated using a seed value and can be certified by iTech Labs and other certification bodies to ensure that the results of all 52 cards are equally likely.

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