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When you are looking for the online poker game development companies, there’s one thing you should be aware of – nearly 90% of these companies offer codes that do not have RNG capabilities. It becomes hard for a poker game developer to create a truly random RNG in their poker scripts.

First things first, a poker game developer is the one who does things differently than regular game development code. Now, moving on to knowing about the game more – The game of poker is a real-time, multi-player game, and the developers who work on the code for the game have to be certified in RNG certification if their code to ensure that RNG enabled.


Now, what exactly is RNG? How does it help the players and ensure safe and fair gameplay?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. A RNG is a system that produces random numbers. In online card gaming, RNG is important as it produces truly random results, such as die rolls, card deals, and other outcomes that need to be unpredictable or in other words not to be touched by anyone. We at GamioTech, specialize in hiring the best poker game developers who are knowledgeable in low latency technologies like Node.js, socket programming, and Java. If you would like to hire a game developer, you can do so by contacting our team of experts at GamioTech. In simpler terms, the Random Number Generator does what a dealer would do in a live poker game by shuffling the deck of cards multiple times. The RNG module in our online poker software for sale service makes sure that all cards have an equal chance of being dealt, ensuring a fair gameplay. To make a game fair and even, every card game uses this Random Number Generator.

This can be done with any programming language, such as C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Node JS. As a responsible poker game development company, we at GamioTech have used Node JS and JavaScript for our RNG.


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RNG Audit

We have already taken care of the RNG Audit, and there are two processes that occur inside the RNG: setting up the internal state, and cycling and reseeding. True randomization and non-repeatability are both features of truly random numbers. There are many ways to measure randomness. Some examples are probability, how often something happens, and combinations of things. In poker, cards are randomly distributed without bias, and RNG is incredibly important.

Need a poker game developer for a game of skill?

As we know that poker is a card game played with skill, and the sharpness of a player’s skill depends on the probability that the player will be given cards. In both early and advanced stages of the game, players use their personal skill to bet and make in-game decisions. To ensure that the game outcome is not rigged, a random number generator must be included in the code. You don’t have to have it tested, but the RNG code must be in the implementation. If you do have it tested, it will also work, and you can apply for your RNG certifications. A software RNG (Random Number Generator) utilizes algorithms and numbers within a computer to generate numbers and letters in a sequence that does not show any pattern or predictability. The RNG uses a starting value called a seed, which is usually derived from different actions and operations inside of a computer, such as the number of times a key has been pressed, mouse movements, network traffic, the clock’s internal timer, and other various combinations of parameters.

Get your online poker app developed by a GamioTech developer to improve and enhance your casino business. The RNG algorithm that we, as a leading poker game development company, uses to encrypt and safeguard the values of the inner state. This inner state is continually updated with the input noise, and is also influenced by the random generator values.

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Now, you must be wondering how one gets a RNG certificate?

Here at GamioTech, we work with the tech teams for our clients and the certifying body, to ensure that the RNG is certified. After purchasing the code, customers need to submit their code to the certification body for testing, or can also do so by integrating a code snippet as provided by the certification body. The body will simply check the RNG results based on their auditing standards (Diehard and Chi-square tests) and give the customer the certified result with a certification seal.

One thing like a true RNG system is clear, we at GamioTech are the best game development company that is very experienced in such tasks, and has passed many RNG audits in the past. We, as a poker software development company, focus on providing high-quality products all the time. Hope this article is resourceful and has helped you. If you have any questions or need more clarification, we are here to help.

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