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Are you planning an online poker business?

You are at the right place! There are many poker scripts available online to choose from, but only a few of them can actually handle the real business of online poker. Before you buy a poker script, make sure you consider the following points that you will come across:

Poker script access

A poker development company will give access to their poker games, in order for you to use them for your online poker business. This is what is called – the buy poker script. It is a good option for establishing your own online casino brand. If you are looking to buy a poker script, talk to the GamioTech team about the best deal that you can avail yourself of in the market.

User interface and experience

Your objective should be to get a simple, more stable solution, then a more complicated version with confusing screens to trick your players. To start, begin with adding basic, standard features to your game, such as a user-friendly interface, showing the hands and other player actions at the table. Add additional features later on as the online poker game grows.


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Start with the basis

The current successful online poker games that we see today started out with only basic features and added more as the game progressed.


You should ask yourself a basic question before starting an online poker game business -” why you should buy a poker script that is already available?” First, buying the poker script reduces your investment into the business, which decreases your risk as an emerging poker game entrepreneur.

Make sure you buy a poker script that has been properly tested

It can get tricky as many poker scripts are available on the market today, but you have to be careful as not all of them have been updated to the latest coding standards as everything depends on it, your online poker business’s success depends upon it. Only saying that the code is HTML 5 or Progressive Web Apps does not mean that the script is up to date. HTML 5 codes work on the front end of a website only. You should not accept code that is based on older technology, such as PHP. The code has to work on multiple platforms, such as browsers and Android and iOS phones. It also has to be working in the latest version of the programming language.

The server has to be able to handle more than one player at a time, in real-time. Poker for real money is a complex game and requires real-time data sharing between users’ screens. There are many different ways to manage this, so it is important to ask if there is any third-party involvement in the management of this solution. This is very crucial and you must not underestimate the complexity of online poker. Using a third-party service like Photon Server, Redfox, or others can result in shutting your business if anything goes wrong.

Buy Poker Script

What to look for further when buying a poker script?

These services are paid services, and using them means you have to pay them to run your online poker business. When it comes to managing real-time data transfer – open-source code can be used, using an in-built program. This can handle many users doing the data transfers and can be done for a low cost, about 80% less than if you used a paid third-party service. Before purchasing a poker game script, it is important to be aware of the random number generator (RNG) that the script uses. To put it in numbers, 98% of poker game software companies do not mention anything about their RNG or its compatibility, so you should do some research on it before making your decision.

RNG, or random number generation, is a feature in poker games that ensures there is no cheating taking place. It increases the trust of players that your game is legitimate and honest, there’s complete transparency between the players on the tables and the team behind it. When it comes to knowing RNG 92% of poker scripts on the market lack awareness of RNG or are not compatible with it.

Why would you buy a poker script if it doesn’t have RNG?

You can use a third party certificate provider, and take the certification for your business name. Get the RNG code implemented in the deal, and use your own business name certification. Choose a poker script that requires the lowest possible operational cost, and has no hidden fees.


What other costs need to be considered when running this business?

Hosting costs

The profit from this objective is what will be defining your profit or revenue. Some services, such as hosting, might be extra. You must ask your provider about this, and make sure you get a list. The cost should be fair, and the list here explains.

Game engine

There are other game engines available besides Photon and Redfox. Some poker script providers say that if we are going to have a game, we have to pay the costs associated with operating the game. While this is true for higher limits, we do not think it is a good idea to pay other fees (third-party game engines).

Starting an online poker business definitely has its up and downs, but there is a way to make it easier. Getting a poker game script can be great because it will save money in the long run. If you buy a poker script, you won’t have to spend more money on recurring costs. Ultimately, when you are spending your money, you need to consider what you will be getting back. Will you get the full, editable source code, or will the files be encrypted? If a company is modeling their delivery of an API, they will either have the game connected to their website, keeping all code on their server, or they can integrate their code onto your website using an iframe.

Poker Game Development

Code leasing is like renting

We recommend buying a poker script as a whitelabel so you reduce your initial startup cost. GamioTech offers a great quality poker code that gives you more freedom, and fewer recurring costs. It also allows you to reap the benefits of constant product improvements free of cost. We believe in building long-term relationships based on sharing knowledge openly and being transparent.

If you still have any questions or concerns before starting your online poker business, you can reach out to the GamioTech team, we are here to help you with all the questions.

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