Fantasy Sports
Publisher Integration

Our fantasy product provides the fastest cost-efficient way to enter the market. Seamlessly integrate and operate our enterprise build product that has been made for autoscaling in an optimized environment handling millions of users.

The Benefits Of Our
Fantasy Sports Publisher Integration


Our company has developed a fully working gaming platform optimized for a large audience, high performance, and scalability. Throughout the years we have built several high-value products that are optimized for the real money gaming industry. Our established team contains several members who worked for fortune 500 tech companies.

The advantage of using our ready-made product brings great benefits. Our platform keeps up with the latest industry trends so that your product will keep working at the highest standard. The development and operation are managed by our employees.

Our fantasy product
Our team has years of experience in online gaming and with our seasoned fantasy product, we are raising the bar in the industry. Our fantasy software has active real money market usage and went through a multitude of upgrades and testing phases.

This guarantees an optimal stable product, built for performance and maximum efficiency. Our code is made on entity API which lists the maximum number of matches. Today we are proud to say that our software is among the top gaming software in India.

  • Microservices setup
  • Multi Wallet with taxation
  • Revenue dashboard
  • Affiliate system
  • Enterprise backend software
  • Swift delivery
  • Bonus & reward system
  • Plug and Play product
  • Cross-platform functionality
  • In house games
  • Secure

Our offer for your website

Plug and play gaming platform
You will receive a fully working web gaming platform including games, wallet, architecture, and user login ready. We will integrate this software into your website. This plug and play entry safeguards the hassle-free launch of the product in a low-risk environment at a minimum timeframe.

No setup fee or initial cost
Our model is not charging you for the setup and integration of the gaming platform inside your web platform. We understand the dynamics of operating a website and the need to generate revenue. Our model makes it a zero-cost investment that removes risk and focuses on generating revenue and creates a win-win situation.

Revenue share deal
The revenue share deal has the benefit that both parties only earn money when there is revenue being made. This removes the risk of losing funds on high monthly fixed costs and in general, makes the operation long term sustainable.

No 3rd party services needed
The installation has no requirements for 3rd party services like payment gateways, OTP confirmation, and id verification. All these services will be provided through our existing relations.

Revenue dashboard
Your personal revenue dashboard will provide a real-time transparent overview of the numbers and revenue.

Design of theme 
The gaming platform can be delivered in diverse color combinations or use the theme that the website is currently using.

Software is finished 
Our highly scalable back and frontend software is already finished and rigorously tested in a real-money environment safeguarding top-quality performance and gameplay.

Enterprise technology
The main benefit of our technology is that it runs in an enterprise environment. This guarantees practically unlimited growth possibilities and revenue for your company.

More games in the future
We will be providing more games and features in the future. This means that there will be more opportunities to increase your revenue. For example, fantasy cricket can be played around the availability of the matches, but casual games can be played 24/7.

And Features

Our fantasy product has multi-dynamic features and we constantly strive to upgrade and develop innovative solutions on top. Our software is enterprise build, and this reflects in the capabilities of our product. Today we are proud to say we have developed the leading fantasy platform available on the market in 2021 and we invite you to compare our functionalities and features with that of our competitors. We have an enterprise approach, and this reflects from our company to your business.

League System
Multi Client
Auto Scalling
Enterprise Architecture
Multi Wallet
Network Security
Affiliate System


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We are available for any of your business requests! Whether you use our ready-made platforms and games or need custom development we always guarantee to make the solution and offer attractive to fit your business.

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Fantasy Sports
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    Copyright 2022. Gamio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2022.  Gamio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.