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What is the best and safest online poker game server platform for poker developers?

We get it, searching on the internet can be very confusing and exhausting! To save you from the trouble –
We will guide you towards choosing the right online poker game server and shed light on the IT infrastructure of poker development. First things first, your server must be fast, stable, and robust against attacks. As a leading poker developer, GamioTech is here to help. We provide you with a comprehensive list with all the necessary criteria that make a good server for any poker site or application in any market worldwide, regardless of whether it’s on mobile, web or other technologies like Facebook, mobile applications, etc.
At GamioTech we have developed and are running our own Poker Game Server over many years, having experience in hosting hundreds of thousands of players from around the world using its proprietary software solution, giving us valuable insights and advice in terms of security, reliability, scalability, performance, ease-of-use, user experience and more.


What does a poker developer do?

Online poker developers are the same as regular software developers. Their areas of expertise are devising the best online poker gaming experience – game rules, multiplayer settings and high-end security protocols. Knowledge of artificial intelligence and algorithmic programming makes it even more valuable. Hire the best poker developers from GamioTech in order to get the best ones for your business.
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You will always find a better and smooth user experience and increase in new players on your portal when you have a stable poker game software server. And this becomes a very important factor in keeping your players engaged and retained to your platform. There are many startups that keep server selection as low in their priority list. You have to be careful and avoid using any cheap servers that ignore the stability of your server.
Having a stable server is one, but to have the support for it in another and surely an important one. You need to find a server that offers all-time support and excellent service post purchasing to ensure that your customers get the help that they need in situations like: when their money’s on the line or when they are trying to play a hand in tournament games are about to start shortly after registration, and many more experienced by the poker players in the online world.
To take an example from an successfully running online poker site – PokerStars is among the most popular poker websites on the Internet, but they were always not always this way, and now PokerStars have created an online poker client that has been designed to be extremely reliable and to offer a great user experience for both new and existing players.
Security is another important factor in server reliability, especially for online gaming servers. Your best poker script and poker game server must have these basic features by default. Try to learn these from your poker developer before going live.

• Smooth system update function.
• Disaster recovery.
• Configured firewall.
• DDoS protection.
• Cache tool.
• Load optimization.
First steps wise – you need to calculate your poker game server requirements. Finally, you need to plan your expected traffic. Selection of the correct specification must be based on these parameters.
• Memory (affects load time).
• Storage capacity (must be sufficient).
• Autoscale configuration.
• Bandwidth (based on expected traffic).
• Processor.
• Automatic backup.
• The actual speed of the server.

Based on our past experience with the clients, we believe your needs will vary based on traffic levels, number of games played and number of concurrent players. There are many trusted cloud server providers such as Amazon Web Server (AWS), Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud Server. As an experienced poker developer, we recommend that you use Amazon Web Server (AWS). AWS is well tested with our solution and tuned for all poker gaming business needs. You can consider the following points.

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Pay-as-you-go pricing.

The platform offers a flexible pricing structure based on your consumption. This means you only pay for what you use. You can easily adjust the storage/server tier up or down, which means you won’t overspend.


Whether you’re an individual, a poker application developer, or an enterprise-level company, AWS offers the same level of “unmatched security.” By default, AWS maintains multiple compliance programs for its infrastructure through a built-in security support network for real-time visibility into suspicious activity and expected vulnerabilities.

Automatically schedule services.

AWS can start and stop different instances based on business needs. For example, you can schedule services like EC2 and RDS outside of business hours or on vacation.


Geo preferences for server locations

AWS is a global player that provides server location preferences from the same dashboard. They currently offer around 44 regions in 16 geographic regions around the world. You can choose your server based on your time zone, legal liability, and target market.

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Disaster recovery facility.

Instead of taking every precaution, we must prepare for unseen challenges. AWS ensures 99.9% uptime with a hot standby recovery method. In AWS, we can implement the right mix of tools for our disaster recovery plan. Poker developers can also use third-party services to easily do this by restoring data for multiple regions at once.
Considering 3,000 concurrent users, this is the minimum server configuration required.

• 5TB bandwidth.
• 2TB HDD or 512GB SSD.
• CentOS operating system (Linux server).
• 16GB of memory.
• Optional RAID hardware (recommended for heavy traffic).
• 3 GHz clock frequency).
• SSL certificate.
• Intel Xeon-D CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads.

When it comes to poker server planning & execution, We being a poker game development company are ready to offer you the best advice. Contact us today to discuss your poker game server requirements. We’d love to be your personal poker developer and plan to help you find the best server for your needs and budget.

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    Copyright 2022.  Gamio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.