101 Guide to Fantasy Sports App

December 4, 2020by Stephany Ramos

What is Fantasy Sports?

Sports is more than an obsession now. Fans are not just glued to the television screen but also to their phone. You must have heard a lot of fantasy sports in the last few years. It is an online game where users create their own teams or predict outcomes from a real game. It is gaining popularity each passing days with sports fans looking for an opportunity to get involved.


How Fantasy Sports Apps have brought a revolution?

Sports fans can put their skill and knowledge to test and play for real money. An option to participate every single day, it’s a chance before them to be a part of something they love doing. Technology is a massive factor that has fuelled the thrill of competition and brought the revolution.


How do Fantasy App make money?

Users create their team of real players from a professional sport and compete against other users, paying an entry fee or ticket. Apart from fee, fantasy apps make revenue through advertising, associations with sports authorities and stakeholders.

From entry fee, a company may collect and keep 10% from each user who pay for a contest. The 90% amount is placed into the pool, to be distributed among the winners.


The Future of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports has an exciting future for daily fantasy sports, especially in a market like India Sports apps are becoming more exciting through a tech-based approach and the possibilities are endless.


Is Fantasy Sports Legal?

Most fantasy sports games, that are game of skill, are legal in most countries. It’s legal to play fantasy sports but It also depends on which region you are living in. If you decide to go ahead with fantasy sports, know your local laws on fantasy sports.


The Bottom Line

Fantasy sports market is huge and lucrative. It has multiple sources to generate revenue, from fees, advertising, to collaborations.

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