Is iGaming a good business in India?

July 12, 2022by Stephany Ramos

iGaming market’s potential in India has never been higher. The young Indian population — 65 percent under 35 years of age, and 50 percent under 25 years — is one of the driving forces in the exponential growth of gaming sector in the country.

Ease of access in technological revolution, with more people having smartphones and access to the internet on the go, is another enabling factor in the rise of gaming.


What makes iGaming so popular?

The iGaming sector is all about entertainment, and the constantly evolving trends continue to draw more users to the industry. Fantasy sports app development is booming in the country and with it the rest of gaming sector. iGaming’s popularity is largely due to the following factors:

Plethora of options – Customers at traditional casinos have access to a few games, whereas iGaming offers endless choices. The users also get advantage of bonuses and offers.

Convenience – Time and travel has kept patrons away from gaming establishments like land-based casinos for long. iGaming, in turn, brings everything at a user’s fingertips.

Affordability – With iGaming, there is no dearth of options. One can escape the potential financial burden and play what his/her pocket allows.

Various Platforms – There are various platforms to choose from.  If you’re unsure wof the safety and security, you can always read up reviews and go for the reliable platform.

Privacy – Privacy in gaming is key. Online gaming keep privacy intact by offering a stronger confidentiality policy for clients.

It’s an exciting time for stakeholders to enter the Indian online gaming market because several favourable factors, but first and foremost there are enough players. Several game developer and platforms have already made their presence felt, all major gaming brands are already here and many igaming companies are making big strides with each passing day.

The trends are positive in the long term, and the market has a long way. India welcomes you with open arms presenting huge potential of gaming.

Stephany Ramos

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    Copyright 2022.  Gamio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.