How to prevent online poker fraud?

July 12, 2022by Stephany Ramos

Poker offers user a chance to win money in addition to being fun and entertainment. However with the money involved, patrons are often wary of the potential of online poker fraud. According to Arkose Labs’ Q1 2020 Fraud and Abuse Report, the overall attack level in online gaming has increased by 30%. In this post, we will look at how to guard against poker fraud.

Types of Online Poker Fraud


According to the Arkose Labs analysis, new account fraud is the most significant cause of surge in iGaming attacks. Online poker players can employ multi-accounting in a few different ways.


At one table, a player uses two or more accounts. The fraudster has more opportunities to win since they see more cards.

Chip Dumping

Using several accounts isn’t limited to using them to get an unfair advantage in games; it may also be used to transfer funds from one account to another. In addition, it might be a method of laundering illicit funds (e.g., to get money from a stolen credit card).

Bonus Abuse

To entice new players into Poker Game for Real Money, several companies provide no-deposit incentives. Unfortunately, scammers sometimes are able to open multiple accounts to collect these bonuses, deposit them all into one, and then withdraw their money.


There are laws governing responsible gambling in certain nations. Fraudsters are sometimes able accuse the operator of breaking the law and demand payment for not blowing the whistle.


Scammers might collaborate to play at a table with one another. They play unique cards and behave in a sure way to entice money from honorable players.

Poker Bots

There is software available that can play online by itself, selecting the best strategies. A human player can defeat it, but a bot has several advantages.


Any platform doesn’t convey any information the player isn’t authorized to know, including opponents’ cards, breaking the client application appears pointless. However, a con artist could break in to gain unauthorized access to the server data and see all the cards.

Preventing Online Poker Fraud

There is no sure-shot technique to stop scams; there can be counter measures to prevent fraud.


Best Online Poker Sites employ KYC software to safeguard its users against various illicit activities. Making sure the gamer is who they say they are is made more accessible by a rigorous user verification process.

Player Identification

Keep track of every time you log into the game. When attempting to log in, you should always examine an individual’s IP address, device, browser fingerprint, etc. The system should then determine whether the database contains any matches. One reason to assume multiple accounting is if two or more gamers use the same computer or IP address.

Additionally, players might report a card or account theft if they lose a lot of money and become too agitated. Login verification and KYC assist in exposing fraud and avoiding erroneous refund requests.

Keep Password Stronger and Secure

Scammers can access other gamers’ accounts. It would be best if you establish guidelines for using special symbols, tiny and capital characters, and password length to prevent this. Additionally, two-factor authentication might be beneficial.

Be Vigilant

The behavior of players reveals several fraud indicators. You can evaluate a player’s win probabilities for each hand based on their accurate data. Long sessions with exceptionally high and consistent success rates are a reason to suspect bot usage. The deep game analysis makes the identification of particular playing patterns (bet size manipulations, hand strength employed to play, etc.) that may identify a bot or botnet.


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