How to successfully run an online poker business?

July 22, 2022by Stephany Ramos

Recent years have seen the shift in the world from brick and mortar to virtual offices and work spaces. This shift is credited to the digital revolution that has brought people closer and led to the digitization of the global businesses. Millennials are the witnesses of this revolution and are the most influenced ones too. They have seen the era of mobile phones, tablets and laptops and this has caused them to develop an inclination towards the fast paced entertainment. This exposure to the online world of gaming which is multiple times faster and comforting than the physical gaming modes has transformed the entire world of online gaming.

Poker is one such game that has gained momentum in popularity due to the intriguing interest of the millennial towards online card games. Poker is basically a game of give cards that if played with tactics and presence of mind can turn the tables in a few seconds. Generally, it takes a minute to play one game of online poker which explains the reason for its popularity amongst the millennial who are always in a hurry and need to make time for multi-tasking. This has caused an unprecedented growth in the players who are joining the online poker rooms as well as the entrepreneurs who are investing heavily in this field.

Online poker gaming industry has turned out to be the most popular game amongst the masses from various locations and its popularity is rapidly rising in the gaming industry. In no time it has become the most intriguing gaming sector of the Indian markets. Not only the youngsters but even the celebrities, people from across the world are taking part in this game.

How to run online poker business in India

The internet has become a powerful business tool. It not only provides you a global virtual space but also helps build networks and relationships. Due to this digitised advantage online gaming industry has reached its peak point in India and to take advantage of this people are heavily investing in this arena and earning huge amount of profits. A number of budding entrepreneurs are also showing an exceptional interest in the online poker business owing to the huge turnovers and profitability.

The online five card game opens up a plethora of opportunities for the emerging entrepreneurs and offers huge turnovers. However, starting an online poker business needs one to fulfill certain basic requirements which are listed below.

1. Obtain a License

Starting an online business might seem to be a cake walk but it is not an easy task to perform. Keeping in view the security of the netizens, safety of their interests, prevents fraudulent activities and loss of money to both the entrepreneur and the participants it is important to fulfill a number of legal formalities.

This comes with a bunch of challenges like obtaining the legal status of your business, obtaining the license, completing the necessary documentation etc.

Poker being a gambling business needs a more careful intervention by the law. So, before skyrocketing your online poker business, ensure that you have acquired the right Gaming License which will accomplish all legal obligations abides to the game. To save time and cost, consult that poker game development company who are specialized in handling and provide white label gaming solutions with legal consultations.

2. Selection of Poker Gaming Software

This is the most crucial decision that the entrepreneur needs to make while stepping into the online poker business. This is because the success in the iGaming world depends on the software developer you choose. So, take time to evaluate the web and pay attention to each and every detail. Indulge in research and find out the most viable options. Also, you need to be sure that the option you choose provides the best in the prices offered and is worth the expense. It should not cast a whole in your pocket for it may deplete resources for the next stages.

You should look for customizable front-end and flexible software solution that includes an advanced gaming management system for your business that allows you to control the whole process. To ease the process you may approach a poker game development agency which has simple yet informative poker gaming solution platform which provides the word class poker software.

Poker software can be implemented in one of three options:

Browser: The game runs in the browser on any computers and mobile devices.

Desktop: The software needs to be installed on a computer.

Mobile: A version of the poker room, presented in the form of mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Since poker is conditionally considered to be the common denominator for a whole list of games that have significant difference in the rules, the following types of card games should be presented in a self-respecting poker room:

  • Texas Holdem;
  • Omaha;
  • Chinese Poker;
  • Stud;
  • Rapid Poker;
  • Lowball.

3. Focus on Website Design

Your website is a summary of what you are offering to your clients and customers. So, it is very important to work on your website design and layout. If your customers get a high used-experience they will spend more time on it which in turn would benefit the company in its growth. Few points to keep in mind while working on the design of your website are:

  • Your website should be attractive and different from others. Follow the color psychology to choose the theme for your website and attract customers.
  • Decide what you want to show your customers. Will you just offer popular casino games like slots, blackjack or poker? or will you provide some additional services?
  • Make sure that the loading time of your website is low. The Millenials are a fast paced generation that has little or no patience to wait for the results. In case your website is slow and takes time to load you may lose customers leading to the loss of footfall.
  • Keep your website user-friendly. Too many complex instructions, popups or complex gaming methods can irritate the players and you may face challenges to retain the customer base.

4. Choice of Payment Gateway

When you step into the world of online poker, you need to hire a payment service provider. While choosing the same you need to make sure that your payment gateway is safe, secure and easy to use. Your online poker room should be able to provide the players with the opportunity to make quick, easy and safe transactions as per their needs and wishes.

The payment service provider should be in a position to provide multiple payment options and customised solutions as per market and industry demands.

5. Knowledge of Market and Marketing Strategies

After completing the primary requirements to set up your business, you have to prepare your marketing strategies. So, this calls for an indepth analysis of the market to know the current trends, the competitors, the challenges and the strengths and weaknesses to combat difficult situations. You must pipeline your all marketing channels which can effective interact and attract your target audience. Develop an effective customer management system to understand the players well. You can release bonuses, promo code, leader board schemes to let you understand the player and can retain as well.

  • Choose a mix of marketing strategies including the offline as well as online methods. You can opt for newspaper as well as radio ads.
  • Choose digital marketing partners who can help you harness the maximum customer base. You can choose from a number of social media platforms, google ads, website marketing to reach the ultimate goal. Invest heavily in SEO to get your site rank into a search engine to generate traffic.


6. Other Parameters

Owing to the wider reach of the internet gaming world is open to people across the globe. Not only do players from India enter the poker room but International partners as well take part in the game and try to collaborate. In such a scenario, you can also look for additional services for the players apart from the above mentioned features. These are:

Multi- Language Support System: Multilingual support extends the customer support experience to people who don’t speak English or who are comfortable in conversing in different languages. The service begins by offering your customers a language choice in which they can contact the customer care or browse your company website.

Real Time Chat: Real-time chat is virtually any online communication that provides a real-time or live transmission of text messages from sender to receiver. A variety of software programs are available to enable real-time chat between individuals using Internet services. Real-time chat can be any direct text-based or video-based (using webcams) one-to-one chat or one-to-many group chats by means of tools like instant messengers (IMs).



In this day and age, it takes a good business idea to make a whole lot of money. After all, pretty much everything has already been done at least once. Just remember that some of the oldest business ideas have still managed to be the most profitable. This is definitely the case with poker business.

While the industry has changed a great deal in past years, the industry is still booming. This is because of the multiple reasons like:

1. Loyal Fan Base

These games have been played for years and have made a separate and unique place for themselves in the hearts of people. You don’t have to introduce these games to people or urge them to learn something new, rather you just have target the love for game and convince them to join the loyal customer base.

2. Low Cost

Running a physical casino can be very expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket. You need to collect various resources like buy, build or lease a building, collect workforce, and spend a lot of money on utilities. But, when it comes to online business you can easily cut on expenses on various fixed assets that result in lower costs as compared to the physical ones. The money earned in the online business is also far more than the physical ones and this justifies the purpose of business.

3. Profitability

Most people do not make money in the casinos. Even when they do, they’re probably going to lose it all back before the week is through. This is a good thing for the casino operator. As long as you play your cards right, there is a real chance that you’ll make a lot of money.

However, starting an online business also comes with its own challenges. All the options should be carefully analyzed and evaluated before making a decision. Starting an online gaming business requires some initial capital, some patience with the licensing process and chooses poker game development company wisely to gain strength, but once you are able to organize to make those things happen, you will find that the results are going to value the efforts.

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