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Time is an opportunity, therefore our white-label software license is the fastest way to enter the market. Seamlessly integrate and operate our enterprise build product.

The Benefits Of Our
White Label Products

White label solutions are aimed to get a benefit in the market by saving development time, remove the hiring process, and design of the product. Gamio Technologies will deliver a finished product that is made to be launched in a short time span, which safeguards not only the timeframe but also decreases the risk and cost significantly.

Our products are available to be sold or licensed and used by any company that wants to establish its brand in the market with unlimited flexibility and ease of operation.

If you want to run an online gaming business but don’t want to handle all day to day work involved to operate than our white label solution is what you are looking for. The advantage of using our ready-made products brings great benefits.

We are using the latest technology in online real money gaming. We deliver a complete solution and besides the backend, you also receive a website an IOS, Android, and Windows app.

We make sure you are able to focus on promoting your brand through marketing and bring the necessary growth. Our platform keeps up with the latest industry trends so that your product will keep working at the highest standard seemingly. The operations are managed by our employees.

This makes sure that your company can reduce costs on additional employment hiring. Depending on the growth rate of the product this management might become complex. We make sure to always charge acceptable maintenance fees that are always in balance with the actual work involved.


The best for your business


The best product
The clients that work with us receive a ready-made platform that is customized to fit the needs of the business. It comes with a sophisticated backend software that is made at scalability for 1M+ users.

We provide technical support and will custom build any required features with ease. The White Label solution comes with additional optional services related to gaming operations.

Games selection
Besides the rich availability of our in-house developed games and our custom development service, we can also connect any 3rd party API to our products. This will guarantee you always get the product your company needs. Our 15+ years of experience in gaming and software development safeguards our knowledge and understanding of what it takes to attract players to a game.

All of the well-known real money games are available in our portfolio and this will bring the right market advantage for your brand. Our custom build payment system that comes with the white label solution can integrate any 3rd party API payment provider and has been build with security and fraud prevention in mind.


Time is an opportunity, therefore our white-label software license is the fastest way to enter the market. If after establishing the brand you want to switch towards a more independent operation we offer the possibility to switch license towards a self-service solution where your company will be handling the customization of the software yourself. In any case, you will be having full ownership of the client base.

Launching your product in a short time frame is what we aim for. Depending on your special request we aim to launch any delivery within 8 weeks. During that time you can work on establishing the marketing presence. We have a fast network of marketing tools and partners available that can be provided. In regards to hosting, white-label operators use our own hosting service which is able to grow with your company in the most optimized way.

Compared our self-service and custom software development, the white label solution is the most cost-effective. Because it is ready-made and limited to function as a ready to go product. It is the easiest way of entering into the market while having the possibility to convert into a fully-featured self-service solution later on. The white-label software pricing is mostly determined by the amount of customization or games you want to include.

Whether you use our ready-made games, custom development, or 3rd party game providers we make sure to always make the solution and offer attractive to fit your business. Many factors impact the final cost of your white label solution but the most important thing is that you can afford it. Our experts can offer you an option which would suit you the best.


Compare Our

FeaturesWhite LabelTurnkeySelf Operating
OS SupportiOS, Android, WebiOS, Android, WebiOS, Android, Web
Support & software updates
Plug and Play product
Licensing and branding
Delivery within 8 weeks
Affiliate & network enabled
Bonus & reward system
Security and fraud detection
Custom development
Operated by our teampartlyoptional
Revenue shareoptionaloptional
Setup fee
Maintenance fee
Payment categoryEntry levelPremiumEnterprise


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We are available for any of your business requests! Whether you use our ready-made platforms and games or need custom development we always guarantee to make the solution and offer attractive to fit your business.

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    Copyright 2022.  Gamio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.