Squid Poker – The next best thing in the online poker world.

Squid Poker! The next best thing in the online poker world.


In the online gaming world, the ever-evolving game of online poker has another poker variant that is turning the tables! The all-new online poker game Squid Poker has emerged as one of the most entertaining and adrenaline-filled online poker games. It combines elements of skill, strategy, and a lot of fun. 

Squid Poker has gained popularity among both casual players and seasoned card game enthusiasts. Let’s dive into this article to explore the rules, strategies, and unique charm that Squid Poker brings to your poker tables.

Origins of Squid Poker:

Unlike other poker variants, Squid Poker does not have any direct origin; the origins of Squid Poker are a bit mysterious, with no clear documentation on when and where it first surfaced. The game with such a mysterious background has gained popularity amongst poker players worldwide. Since we have limited information about the game, here we have noted down the rules and basics of the game.

Rules of Squid Poker:

  • Squid Poker retains the core rules of traditional poker, with players aiming to form the best possible hand. Just like traditional poker, we have holdem poker and pot limit poker. 
  • For squid poker, we have two major types: classic squid poker and infinite squid poker. With the rules, let’s know more about these types.
  • The squid game is played between multiple players and runs alongside the regular poker hands. 
  • When a specified minimum number of players are seated and ready to play, a squid game starts. As players win hands, they collect squid. 
  • The squid game will end when only one player remains who hasn’t won a squid. 
  • This player must then pay an amount to each player according to the number of squid they have and the value of each squid.

How can one win a squid? 

  • Players earn squid by winning hands outright. Only the main pot counts, and it must not be split in any way. 
  • If the board is run out multiple times, then a player must win all runouts to win a squid. 
  • The first time a player wins a squid, they must show their hand.

Classic Squid Poker:

A player can win a maximum of one squid. Winning multiple hands doesn’t give them additional squid. The game ends when one player remains who doesn’t have a squid. This player must then pay out the squid value to each player in the game. This is also known as the stand-up game.

Infinite Squid Poker:

In this version of the game, players collect a squid for every hand they win. The game ends either when a single player has no squid or when the table reaches a configured maximum number of squid. If the game ends this way, then penalties are paid out equally to all players who have not won a squid.

Now that you know about the dynamics of the game, let’s check out a few strategies to consider while you play!

  • Be mindful while you play squid poker, as the loser has to pay a penalty, not just to the winner but to all the players in that hand. Play only if you are sure you are making the best hand.
  • Pay attention to the actions of other players on the table; you can always be unpredictable towards the players who are always playing tight or who are bluffing.
  • Manage your bankroll; you are paying to win the hand while you are at risk of losing a huge chunk of your stack for paying penalties; judge your bankroll; and then make the move. 

These are just a few of the many poker strategies that you will learn. Coming to the trending game of poker, Squid Poker, as quoted above, adds an exhilarating and unpredictable dimension to the world of card games, reinvigorating the traditional poker experience.

It goes without saying that whether you’re a seasoned poker player or a newcomer to the card table or have your poker room and are looking for ways to keep your customers hooked on your poker room, Squid Poker is the answer to all! It offers a delightful blend of skill, strategy, and surprise that is sure to keep you hooked.

Very few online poker rooms have Squid Poker, as it is mostly played offline, but if you want to experience the game and spread it amongst your poker buddies, here you can check out the game Squid Poker.


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