Poker Software FAQ

How and from where to buy a poker script?

Buying a poker script is easy. Just contact us and our expert team at GamioTech will guide you through the process.

What are the features of a poker script?

  • Backend management
  • User management
  • Multi-currency
  • Multilingual support

The features of poker script are endless contact us for more details.

How to get the best deal and steps for turnkey poker software?

To get the best deal on turnkey poker software, follow these three steps:

  • Ask for a demo of the live product
  • Take the tour of the software in a real business environment
  • Review all of the quality features of the software. You can take a tour of the product, or ask us a question.

What are the payment options available?

We offer payment options of PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Bitcoin.

What is the module for payment to buy a poker script?

You can pay in two to four installments before getting the full poker code.

How much time and effort will it take for setting up the poker site?

Getting a poker site up and running can be done very quickly and easily with the help of a team. The team will set up the code for your website, as well as help get your app into the Apple and Android stores.

I have a dedicated budget for my poker site, how can I get a quality product in a short time?

Getting a poker site started is the best option if you are on a budget or short on time. Having a site or app that is already prepared can ensure that quality and performance are upheld.

Where should I focus my resources and energy while ensuring a quality new product?

If you are creating a new product, it is best to focus energy and resources on fixing bugs as this will create a more stable product.

Can I get more features and games apart from the ones included in the package from my poker script provider at a lower price?

By negotiating with a poker script provider, you have the opportunity to get more games and features for a lower price.

I have my own development company, should I just buy a poker script instead of creating the game from scratch?

If you are a development company, it is best to purchase a poker script and change it to fit your needs. Doing so will save you 70% of the work and energy, which can be used in marketing your product and attracting customers.

What are the basics to consider before buying a poker script?

Quality, price, and features are the basic things to consider when buying a poker script.

Does RNG-certified websites increase the worthiness of the brand?

A website that is RNG certified increases trust among players, and is a good thing to have.

Getting a lower price for a poker script to be considered a good deal for my business?

A low-quality script at a lower price is not a good deal. A good quality poker script costs anywhere from 5000 USD to 25,000 USD, depending on the extra features included.

Are there any other expenses that are expected apart from buying a poker script?

There are other expenses to think about, like server hosting and other third-party services, such as SMS and analytics tools, et cetera.

What does an authentic poker website require?

An authentic poker site needs to have IP detection and bot protection with an anti-fraud mechanism in place.

For private multiplayer engines do the software companies require purchasing before or after getting the software?

A few software companies use private multiplayer engines, like playfub and photon. These are costs that have to be paid before even purchasing the software, and the company has to be willing to cover them.

From where can I buy the best poker script?

If you are looking to buy a poker script, look no further than GamioTech company. Their poker section offers 10 game variations (including Stud, Texas Hold Em, and Omaha), and 12 different tournament types. In addition to their 1200+ casino games bucket, 17 of the games are probably fair.

Looking for custom card game development for your business?

GamioTech offers custom card game development for your brand based on your need. You can contact their team to know more.

Does GamioTech provide dedicated programmers for the clients?

Each programmer is assigned for the game development for the client(s).

Starting a new poker site? On a low budget? Should you buy ready-made poker software or not?

Yes, buying ready-made poker software gives your site a chance to get off the ground with marketing and customer acquisition efforts, as well as adding extra funds to the poker room.

Why should I get a customizable poker product?

When you want to create a brand that is unique and personal with a distinct value in the market, you need to get custom poker development. This option allows you to change the design and the logic of the game.

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    Copyright 2022.  Gamio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.