Hyper casual game development

Hyper casual game development

What is a hyper casual game? A mobile game can be categorized as hyper-casual if its gameplay consists of minimal mechanics such as turning, stacking, and rising. Hyper casual games require no initial setup and can be played by tapping the “start” button. Most hyper-casual games last between 2 and 6 minutes on average; they require little to no onboarding. Regardless of the playing field, the game’s challenge remains the same. As with all other levels, the difficulty adjusts to maintain engagement.

What makes hyper casual games successful?

As a general rule of thumb, developers shouldn’t make their games too complicated. Hyper casual games are successful for online gaming businesses, an online game should be accessible, hyper game developers, by making hyper casual games easy to develop is always a good idea and successful for the businesses. Additionally, two-mechanic games are easiest for most programmers and should be the norm.

How do you develop a casual game?

With the advanced and easy accessibility and hyper casual gams one can kickstart an online gaming business in no time, but it becomes critical to choose the best company for the hyper casual game development. One amongst the most popular game development companies is – Gamio Technology, we can create hyper-casual mobile games that are addictive and dynamic, which any aspiring business requires. These casual games instantly appeal to a wide range of users and make it easy for them to play quick gameplay sessions with easy achievements.

How do you make a hyper-casual game design?

A full cycle of development for hyper-casual games.
At Gamio Technologies, we conceptualize hyper casual games, we consider many mechanics, styles, monetization methods, and gameplay approaches. Remarkable aesthetics are also important to consider when developing these games as hyper casual game design becomes crucial while working on the projects. We believe that future hyper casual games need to be developed by considering these ideas.

There are many features that make a hyper casual game successful, you must be thinking – What makes a hyper casual game successful?
Well, here we have some of the key features of a Hyper Casual Game that are listed below.

  • The console allows for instant gameplay, which brings more users to play on the move
  • There are no pre-loaded levels, plot insertions, or game modes.
  • Playing the game starts when a user starts the app— commonly referred to as pressing the start button. The background of the start screen also serves as gameplay.
  • The game’s gameplay is easy to understand with few specific details, anyone can play with even basic knowledge
  • It comes with introductory level 1 tutorials, for newbies to the online gaming, this becomes a key factor as they learn from the beginning
  • Upon launch, players can begin playing the game immediately.
  • The ability to give complete attention to a single object, place, or person.
  • There are no opportunities to fall asleep, There are no breaks in the game until the level is finished.
  • Having the attention waver for just a second can cause the game to be lost.
  • Long-term reliability is a characteristic of all studied scientific theories.
  • The only goal the player pursues through the game is obtaining control of the spiral maze to guide the ball to its lowest point in the maze.
  • New obstacles or harder levels should be added to keep the game interesting.
  • Components employed in a moderate fashion are considered average.
  • Keeping the gameplay as basic as possible is imperative.
  • It’s important to use many game elements moderately.
  • During gameplay, players shouldn’t be distracted by the visual or audio elements.
  • The model is straightforward, employing a single currency for all transactions.
  • In-app purchases don’t increase revenue for hyper-casual games, In order to make more money, hyper-casual games use advertising; this can be done through video ads, banner ads or reward ads.

These are the features of hyper casual games, if you are interested and want to build a successful product for your business you can reach out to us via email and our team will get in touch with you in no time. We will address your queries related to how much does it cost to make a Hyper casual game? Or how to market Hyper casual games?

We at Gamio Technologies, provide marketing services and guidance as well, our experience in the gaming industry has helped us and our clients to gain and share the information that we have gathered over the years, which we happily would love to help you with, for making your gaming business a success!


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    Copyright 2022.  Gamio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.