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We develop robust fantasy sports mobile apps & website for sports enthusiast, professionals and leagues.

Custom Fantasy Sports Softwares and App Development

At Gamio Technologies, we specialize in developing Fantasy Sports Software and mobile app Solutions, which are not only audience captive but also scalable, reliable and built-in adherence to all regulations and compliances. With a dedicated and creative sports app development team in place, we are always ahead of competitions and offer top-notch fantasy sports solutions to all our clients. We provide smoother user experience with fully customized integrated features; responsive and UI-rich fantasy sports software solutions for morden sports trade.


Get the Finest Engaging Fantasy Sports App made by the best developers

Fantasy Draft Software Development

GamioTech offer multiple drafting options, which include high bid/low bid, auction, and auto draft along with the third party live feed integrations.

Daily & Season Long Fantasy Sports
Name the sport and game you want to include in fantasy sports, and you’ll have it in your mobile and web application. We have a skilled team that can convert your dream idea into reality.

Fantasy Sports Ad Modules
Our develop apps are customized in such a way that users can earn extra revenue by attracting Google ads and cracking sponsorship deals.

Loyalty Program Integration
A must have featurefor fantasy sports platform. Convert your users into marketers. Let them share their achievement on social media and earn a referral bonus. It engages customers and encourages repeat business.

Fantasy Sports Leaderboards
Be it a simple leaderboard with most simple selections or dashboard with advanced filters of game types, sports, leagues, duration, draft types or user category (beginners & experts). We can do it all.

3rd API Integration Solution
Gamio Technologies provide third-party softwares and applications which is integrated with listed of sports websites, online stores, and various sports web portals.


Key Features of Fantasy Sports Mobile Apps

Gamio Technologies has grown marvelously to bring a wide range of sports app development services. Developers can handle all critical aspects for developing modern and robust mobile apps for different platforms.

  • Contestant
  • User Authentication
  • User Dashboards
  • Browse & Select Matches
  • Join Contest
  • Create Contest
  • Create Multiple Team
  • Invite & Earn
  • See Playing History
  • See Winning History
  • Admin
  • Rolebase Dashboards
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Contest
  • View Earnings
  • Manage Reward Points
  • Manage Bank Withdraw request
  • Manage Cash Bonus
  • Content Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Advanced Features
  • Live Match Score
  • CRM & CMS Integrations
  • Players Record
  • Push Notification
  • Real-time Analytics
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Custom Mail Reminder System
  • Multiple Payment System
  • Loyalty Programs

What are popular fantasy sports games that developers can build?

Highly Scalable and Robust Fantasy Sports Website & App Development Services dedicated to sports enthusiast and businesses focused on discipline, deadline and quality.

  • Fantasy Baseball app development
  • Fantasy Basketball app development
  • Fantasy Ice Hockey app development
  • Fantasy Cricket app development
  • Fantasy Rugby app development
  • Fantasy Football app development
  • Fantasy Soccer app development
  • Fantasy Tennis app development
  • Fantasy Horse Racing app development
  • Fantasy Gaelic Football app development
  • Fantasy Hurling app development
  • Fantasy Motor Sport app development

Fantasy Sports App Developer

Innovative Fantasy Sports App Development Company

Fantasy sports is one of the most popular niches in the world of IT. Combining the world of technology and sports, fantasy app has attracted millions of users. So, if you want to enter this billion-dollar industry and generate millions, GamioTech is here to help you.

As a leading fantasy sports app development company, we can deliver a solution that embodies your business needs. We are here to help you grow.

User App

Profile Registration
The user can register themselves on the platform via the phone number, social media, e-mail address, or Google.

App Dashboard
The dashboard of the fantasy sports app displays all the required information about different activities.

User Verification
Since the platform deals with a lot of sensitive data and funds, users need to verify themselves. It can be done through this feature.

In-App Fund Management
The in-app fund management feature of the fantasy sports app allows users to add money or withdraw a won amount to a bank account.

Referral Codes
The referral code feature allows the user to share their referral codes and others to use in the app for benefits.

Team Management
Since we are talking about fantasy sports here, team management is one of the most essential and basic features of the app.

Private Competitions
The user can participate in the private competition with their fantasy sports team and win huge amounts.

Score Board
The scoreboard of the Fantasy cricket app development solution displays details from all the matches the team has played.

Secure Payment Gateway
The secure payment gateway allows adding or withdrawing money back to the bank account safely and seamlessly.


Admin Panel

Informative Dash Boards
The informative dash board of the admin panel allows the admin to view all the important data on platform in easy format.

User Verification Management
The user verification management feature allows the admin to verify or deny the request of verification accordingly.

Revenue Flow Management
The revenue flow management allows the admin to supervise and manage the fund coming in, going out, advantage, and so on.

Competition Creation
With this feature of the admin panel, the admin can create new competition private or open for the users to enjoy.

Set Limits
The fantasy sports developer adda feature for setting limits of funds withdrawal or adding to the platform.

Push Notification
The push notification of the admin panel allows the admin to be alert of various activities through various activities.

Fraud & Bot Detection
This is one of the advanced AI solutions integrated in fantasy apps. This allows admin to detect fraud and bots on platforms.

Reward Program
The admin panel also have a feature for reward program which allow the user to create or start reward programs.

Guidelines Update
The admin can also update, remove, and edit, policies, and guidelines for the users and players

Cricket Quiz
Fantasy sports players love when they are right about something. Give them something to have fun with a cricket quiz.

In-App communication
In-app communication allows the user to chat with other players or users through the app itself.

Social Network
Using the social network solution in the Fantasy app you can find and add friends to your network.

Player Details
This allows the user to view various detail about their players and team on the app itself. It is one of the top features of fantasy apps.

Real-Time Game Status
View the score and status of the game in real-time using the fantasy sports mobile app delivered by GamioTech


Advanced Features

Competition Predictions
Using AI solutions integrated into fantasy sports platform development, you can feature that predicts the outcome of a competition.

Starting 11 Prediction
By predicting the starting 11 of the opponent’s sports team, the user can also optimize their own team accordingly.

Flexible Operations
Fantasy league app development by GamioTech provides you a flexible solution that helps your business grow.

Profile Privacy Management
With the profile privacy management feature, you can manage what other players see on your profile.

How Does Fantasy Sports App Work?
Our team of fantasy sports developers deliversa solution thatis tailor-cut for your business and thus helps it grow. The fantasy app apps we create apps are easy to use.


How much do fantasy sports app developers cost?

The fantasy cricket website development cost can vary widely. However, the total cost can depend on various factors. Some of these factors are, as mentioned below:

Technology stack

The tech stack refers to technologies used in mobile app development. Depending on which one you use, the cost can vary greatly.


Features are unique to every application and based on the feature of your social media app, the development may or may not be more expensive.

Security Tech

Various different technologies are used to make the app secure. Some of these technologies can add to the total cost of development.

Testing Process

The testing process is one of the most important steps of developing a mobile app; the tools used here are paid. Hence adding to the cost.

App Platform

Based on whether you choose android oriOS app development services, the final cost of the project may vary.

API Integration

API or third-party integration can really affect the working and functionality of mobile apps. While some are free, other APIs can be more expensive.

UI/UX Design

The complexity of the user interface and user experience can also highly affect the total development cost of fantasy app development.


The more complex a mobile app is, the more expensive it gets. And the simpler it is, the cheaper it is in development costs.

fantasy sports software for real money

Objectively integrate enterprise software with functionalized infrastructures. Interactive product with premium app technologies.


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    Copyright 2022.  Gamio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.